Ceiling Filter Media Rolls - 600gram
Ceiling Filter Media Rolls - 600gram Ceiling Filter Media FILTER MEDIA ROLLS AND PADS Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Shah Alam Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Geraco Sdn Bhd

Ceiling Filter Media is made of Synthetic fibers in a multi-layered structure and has a special woven scrim on the air leaving side. This series of media is used in applications in fine filtration on particulate matter is required such as paint spray cabin, a drying booth or as pre-filter for Hepa filter.     

Technical Specification                          CEILING FILTER MEDIA
                                  Model : CF-600G
Size                                 2m x 20m x 24mm
Weight                                        600g/m2
Media Colour                                         White
Max Airflow                                         900m³/hr
Initial Resistance(Pa)                                            40
Final Resistance (Pa)                                            400
Arrestance                                            98%
Nominal Velocity                                          0.26m/sec
Max Working Temp                                            120ºC
Flame Behaviour/DIN 53438                                              F1
Filter Classification                                            F5/EU5
Process                                        Woven Scrim
                                       100% Sticky
** Filter Media Pad availabe for various size. ( cut to size required )

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