Filter Cell HT300
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High Temperature Oven Filters
Filter cell HT300
Progressively structured filtermedia composed of finest glass fibres, bonded with a high temperature resistant binder. Converted into finished filter cells by aluminium stretcher grids.
Application :        

Filtration of the intake and circulating air in spray and drying booths.

Avantages :    

Filtermedia resisting to temperatures up to 300 °C. 
High degree of dedusting with minimum pressure loss.
High dust absorption capacity.
Features :             

Highly temperature-resistant filtermedia (up to  300 °C) of randomly arranged finest glass fibres. Aluminium stretcher grids will   converts it to a filter cell. A nonwoven glass fiber malting at clean air side ensures that fibers will not be detached from the filtermedia. The filtermedia can be delivered also in rolls.
Dimension :           480 x 480 x 14mm
Technical data :     

Degree of dedusting pursuant
to ASHRAE 52-76                        95%
Filter category                              EU4
Flow volume                                3600m3/h/m2
Intake velocity in blower stream    1 m/s
Initial pressure difference              58 Pa
Recommended final
pressure different                         210 Pa
Temperature resistance                up to 300 degree C
Self-extinguishing pursuant to 

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